Crash Forensics, Occupant Kinematics and Accident Reconstruction

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Motor Vehicle Forensic Investigation Services

Your Independent Medical Solution - Crash Forensics

Independent Medical Forensic Services includes and evaluation of the collision and occupant reaction in order to develop and injury determination.  This is accomplished through the use of physics, science, crash forensic specific factors such as collision vector and risk factors.

This service is generally used for two purposes.  The first is to prove if an impairment occurred, and if so to what extent or severity.  In any motor vehicle collision, specific risk factors, crash factors and occupant reactions are known.  Thus by reviewing the crash forensics, an injury potential can be determined with a high degree of certainty.

The second benefit of this service is to provide a specific and precise determination of injury potential in regards to the occupant chief complaints.  At times, doctors can chase the pain.  However knowledge of chronic pain, neuropathic pain, brain injury, whiplash and muscular referral patterns combined with injury potential determinations allows for a specific impairment determination of injury, based on specific tissue function.

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Motor Vehicle Crash Forensics Risk Analysis

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Occupant Kinematics / Human Movement Analysis

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Injury Biomechanics

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Accident Reconstruction

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Event Data Recorder Retrieval and Analysis

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Independent Medical Forensic Assessments

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- Brain Injury        PDF Handout

- Chronic Pain

- Impairment

- Disability 

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Assessment Services

  • Crash Forensic and Occupant Kinematic Injury Analysis
  • Chronic Pain Assessment
  • Brain Injury Impairment and Assessment Determination 
  • Functional Impairment Assessment
  • Case Review / File Review