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Independent Chronic Pain Services

Dr. Mazzarella has taken over 140 CME courses in Pain Management, obtained two Diplomates in Pain Management, and a certification in Pain related to Traumatic Stress and Motor Vehicle Trauma.  Clinically, Dr. Mazzarella has treated and/or assessed nearly 11,000 patients to date and preformed over 900 independent medical pain assessments. 

Experience and Training

Our Service

  • Chronic Pain Examination and Report
    • History
    • Evaluation of Pathophysiology
      • Fiber Analysis (C-Fiber, A Delta Fiber, A Beta Fiber)
    • Physical Examination
      • Soft Tissue Exam
      • Orthopedic Exam
      • Neurological Exam
    • Traumatic Stress Analysis
    • Functional Testing
    • Digital Vestibular Testing

Why Us?

Chronic Pain is Testable.

Recent fMRI research has shown neuroanatomic connections between orthopedic testing and chronic pain.

Digital Vestibular Testing

Digital Vestibular Testing 

This testing evaluates function of the Dorsal Column.  Acute and Chronic Pain have differing affects on the Dorsal Column.  Thus this test allows us to determine if the pain is chronic in nature, or if the pain is acute due to improper treatment.

Compliance with current Ontario Standards

The Canadian Academy of Pain Management has developed credentialing streams for medical and chiropractic doctors in Canada in association with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and the College of Chiropractors of Ontario. The highest obtainable credential is a Diplomate, followed by two professional based specific competencies credentials. If a medical doctor or chiropractic doctor cannot obtain a Diplomate, they can apply for specific professional competencies credentials in pain management. Medical Doctors can apply for Interventional Advanced Credentialing, while Chiropractors can apply for Rehabilitation Advanced Credentialing. By obtaining a Diplomate or Credentialed status with the Canadian Academy of Pain Management, verification is present that shows the doctor has achieved the recommended standards of professional development and experience in pain management, and this ensures that harm will not occur to the general population/patients. This assurance also complies with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario Policy#1-08 Changing Scope of Practice, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario Policy#2-12, Third Party Reports: Reports by Treating Physicians and Independent Medical Examiners, and the College of Chiropractors of Ontario Standards of Practice S-018.