Crash Forensics, Occupant Kinematics and Accident Reconstruction

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Accident Investigation and Reconstruction

Accident Reconstruction and Investigation Services

At Scene Investigation

  • Series of Events
  • Roadway Evidence and Analysis
  • Drag Factor /Coefficient of Friction Analysis 
  • Forensic Mapping
  • Scaled Diagrams
  • Scene Grade Analysis 
  • Scene Superelevation Analysis
  • At Scene Photography
  • Systemic Collision Investigation 

Vehicle Dynamics

  • Tire Evaluation 
  • Restraint System Evaluation and Analysis
  • Braking Efficiency 
  • Lamp Examination 
  • Pedestrian Collision 
  • PDOF, Force Determination 
  • Vehicle Crashworthiness 
  • Bumper Standards Analysis
  • Roof Crush Analysis

Speed Determination

  • Slide to Stop 
  • Negative Slide to Stop
  • Time Distance 
  • Critical Curve Speed Analysis
  • Yaw Speed Analysis 
  • Acceleration Analysis 

Human Factors Analysis

  • Crash Causation 
  • Series of Events
  • Crash Fault Determination 
  • Crash Awareness Analysis

Evidence Retrieval and Analysis

  • Event Data Recorder
  • Retrieval and Analysis 

Vehicle Injury Protection Analysis

  • Target Vehicle Injury Protection Analysis
  • Bullet Vehicle Injury Protection Analysis


Staged Collision Analysis and Assessment

  • Forensic Reconstruction and Analysis of damage to corroborate collision report.
  • Forensic Injury Analysis to corroborate reports of how the collision occurred.